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MIS Bridge Team & History

The MIS Bridge would not exist without the dedicated efforts of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and industry volunteers. Conceived in summer 2000 by Dr. Prabhudev Konana, it took three semesters of collaborative work to create. During this process, people have spent heroic amounts of time mentoring student teams to help them build a real-time, multi-functional, living website.

Prabhudev Konana's intial concept of the MIS Bridge.

We are deeply grateful also to the Cargill Higher Education Initiative, whose support enabled us to buy the MIS Bridge servers in fall 2000.

Some people who deserve recognition in the ongoing MIS Bridge effort include (but are truly not limited to) Wade McElroy, who created the graphic design for the home page; Abel Banda, who built out the infrastructure; Tom Keney, Danny Chen, Lee Falkenhagen, Chris Mankle, Scott Artman, Nancy Sun, Jerry Malcolm, and Chris Walk, who worked for many semesters doing things like laying out the directory structure, coaching teams, and serving as alumni and industry mentors for students taking the Advanced e-Business Topics and Projects classes.

And speaking of those classes, alum Scott Campbell guest taught the Projects class--for two semesters!--at the same time that he was taking on the reorganization and presidency of his company, Momentum Software. His contribution cannot be measured.

McCombs Computer Services Director (and MIS alum) Tim Matthews must be thanked as well. He hired Lynn Hartley upon her MIS graduation in 2001, and part of her work in Computer Services has been managing projects and generally trouble-shooting everything on the back-end of the MIS Bridge.  On the front end of the Bridge, PPA major (and Elota Patton's TA) Tiff Ting rewrote include files, designed graphics, edited photos, and added visual appeal to liteally hundreds of pages of content written by MIS Bridge owner Elota Patton.

MIS grad Kara Foster (2003) was not only a president of MISA, she also spent a significant part of her senior year coding the database that managed the application process for the MIS BBA Case Competition, leaving a legacy of functionality in place that will serve the MIS Case Competition into the future.

When Linda Bailey took on teaching MIS374 after Eleanor Jordan's retirement, she laid out detailed, screen-shot by screen-shot specifications for the MIS Bridge Project Application portal, and Lynn Hartley began building it out.  When Lynn presented the portal concept to Professor Tim Ruefli, he got so excited about web-managing IROM BBA and MBA student/client projects that he hired MBA student Tracy Bazzell to work on the deep coding to make the site functional for both programs. 

As the Projects Portal neared completion in spring 2003, we realized that it would need top-level security to manage its three levels of functionality: the client application process, the faculty review process, and the student team application process.  As the content of the project applications would be material for several classes, students and faculty would need UT EID level security to access the data.  This was a job for Academic Computing Services, who jumped in to move that portion of the MIS Bridge to a secure, UT-wide server.  Not only did they faciltate the portal's evolution, they also saw the possiblity of rolling out the application--as originally envisioned by Professor Konana--to any other college or department that uses live clients for student projects.  It will be very interesting to see if this supremely collaborative effort--uniting the work of UT students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as interested industry volunteers--will serve as a model for other programs at the University of Texas. 


Scott Artman
Abel Banda
Danny Chen
Lee Falkenhagen
Juan Garcia
Larry Gross
Scott Hemsell
Brian Howell
Tom Keney
David Kriedler
Chris Mankle
Alan Stalcup
Chris Walk
Kit Webster


Linda Bailey
Scott Campbell
Eleanor Jordan
Prabhudev Konana
Elota Patton
Hugh Poynor
Tim Ruefli
Bill Wade
Larry Wright


J.B. Bird
Ed Davison
Linda Fay
Lynn Hartley
Sharon Lutz
Tim Matthews
Stephen Shortnacy


Fall 2002 -
Summer 2003

Tracy Bazzell
Kara Foster
Tiff Ting
Spring 2002
Vanessa Allie
Erwin Beckman
Matt Berg
Phillip Boyum
John Brown
Adam Burke
Brad Bush
Deborah Chen
Charles Cheung
Dana Chi
Kwan Chow
Raj Dave
Brett Estell
Ryan Grosskopf
Kirsche Heins
Isaac Hsiung
Jennifer Kattner
Scott Linville
Brad Litteken
Cullen McMahon
Luisa Munoz
Justin Myers
Michelle Nguyen
Ben Richie
Jenna Rosenthal
John Paul Seve
Tiff Ting
Kuang-Hao Tsan
Pierre Tournois
Carlos Tovar
John Turner
Claudia Villa
Pablo Villegas
Billy Zahn
Fall 2001
Danny Aga
Sam Chheng
Andy Conover
Bridget Christopher
Megan Clark
Courtney Gibbs
Jan Javurek
Sarah Malik
Wade McElroy
Siddarth Ranganathan
Amanda Sammons
Angie Senchak
Emily Tcheung
Asa Trull
Tara Tembe
Edwin Woo
Spring 2001
Christy Allen
Jon Wesley Calendar
Jenny Colton
Andy Conover
Michael Costello
Jennifer Fayfich
David Glueck
Chris Hall
Jamison Hardigree
Lynn Hartley
Diana Xi Huang
Matthew Klein
Michael Klug
Geoff Kruml
Rose Kwok
Richard Steven Lyons
Michael Riginio
Neal Silverwise
Jae Song
Krista Taskinen
Drew Thornton
Karen White
Tiffany Young
Bruce Zarate
Summer 2001
Lillian Chau
Nils Marchand
Lijay Shih
Meiliany Soenaryo
Cui Zhang

Fall 2000
Zaid Alasad
Jennifer Hill
David Laves
David Nachtigall
Vaishali Soni