McCombs School of Business

Mote Says, "It should be fun."

John Mote
John Mote
John Mote, MIS 325

Dr. John Mote, UT alum, teaches in the MIS Program because it, "...felt like coming home." The result? Twenty years of service on the IROM faculty. Why such a long tenure? Easy: the lifestyle, the excitement. Sure, students occasionally let him down, but seeing just one student light up with interest makes it all worthwhile.

Too many students, Mote says, are here for "the damned GPA." They graduate with a 3.98 because they can take tests. These students evoke only his pity. They may make the grades, but they never find their passion. Dr. Mote finds teaching inspiration in self-motivated students who do more than whatís assigned. Maybe they donít attack every subject so intensely, but they find what they love and love it for the rest of their lives. Dr. Moteís message to students stressed from major class projects is, "If you donít enjoy it at 21, what makes you think youíll enjoy it at 51?" His message to alumni is the same: "Remember, it should be fun."